Project Description


Holy Rosary College Foundation, BSED major in English


Good day, My Name is teacher Aizza, I’m 31 years old and I’m a graduate of Bachelor of secondary Education Major in English. I’ve been teaching now for 5 years already both children and adults ranges from five to fifty five years old, through online and offline. Because of this I’ve been given a chance to have certificates on how to teach kids, young adults as well as adults. I had trainings on how to prepare my students on how to pass IELTS and TOEFL speaking test.
I usually use TPR or total physical response when teaching, especially for kids . I give fun activities to motivate and build confidence for adults. During my free time I do hosting events and do gigs as a vocalist in a band.
In my class you will not only learn but also enjoy. Because I believe that learning should be fun and exciting. Again this is Teacher Aizza. See you soon in my class!


5년간의 수업경력, 유창한 원어민 발음, 항상 수업준비도 철저하시고 학생들에게 많은 조언을 적어주실 정도로 열정적인 강사님이십니다.

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