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Central Philippine University, Iloilo City, Bachelor of Science Medical Technologist


Hello… My name is Teacher Jamie and I’m from the Philippines. Currently, I am working as an online esl teacher. I’ve been an esl teacher for 6 years already and my students came from different countries with different backrgrounds. I’ve taught different levels from beginners, to intermediate, to advance level.
I teach vocabulary, pronuciation, grammar and group listening classes from a set up of kids and adults.
I like teaching oral communication such as free talking and daily conversations. I teach according to the level and goal of my students and I always make sure to make my class as lively and fun as possible 🙂


6년간의 수업경력, 유창한 원어민 발음, 선생님의 자신만의 탄탄한 커리큘럼, 자신감 넘치는 선생님,  수업시간: 오전 8-12시  저녁6-12시

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